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Patrick Mahomes Reveals His Family’s Plans For New Year’s Eve



Mahomes will be adding a few more memories to his first time as a dad album. Since in a few days, the Mahomes family will be seen celebrating their New Year’s Eve.



“I will probably be at home with family,” he said when asked about his plans for the New Year during the interview.





“I wish we were able to do something New Year’s Eve-wise, but with COVID and everything like that you kind of have to separate yourself.”



However, he further added that Brittany must have already made plans for them at the house. Mahomes has been the epitome of the best dad in the NFL this year, and he always looks for more ways to give more time and love to her baby daughter.





Another festival went by with another cute Mahomes family photo. And it only seems that the celebration is only going to get better year after year.

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