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QB Patrick Mahomes on Track to Surpassing Tom Brady as The G.O.A.T



QB Patrick Mahomes on Track to Surpassing Tom Brady as The G.O.A.T

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes’ numbers in his first four seasons as a starter in the NFL are fantastic, wonderful, however, it is simply unprecedented what he has done this postseason.



The first thing to say is that Mahomes is only 26 years old and, if we were to project his numbers to a 40-year retirement, he would simply shatter every major NFL record.



Leader in passing completions, yards and touchdowns

Currently, Mahomes has 1,550 pass completions for 18,991 yards per pass with 151 touchdowns, which means he averages per season, in number closed 387 pass completions, 4,748 yards and 38 touchdown passes, if we assume he has 14 seasons left (it’ll probably be more) in the NFL then by the end of his career he would have 6,980 pass completions, 85,463 yards per pass and 683 touchdown passes.



QB Patrick Mahomes on Track to Surpassing Tom Brady as The G.O.A.T



Today the leader in all those categories is Tom Brady with 7,263 pass completions for 84,520 yards and 624 touchdown passes, as we see Brady would surpass Mahomes in pass completions and would be surpassed in the other two statistics, but we are forgetting one detail, Brady has played until he was 44 years old in 16 game seasons, now the campaigns last 17 games and we are only contemplating that the Chiefs quarterback will play until he is 40.



But where the comparison becomes even more absurd is if we put these in context, this Sunday he will become the first quarterback to be at home in four Conference Championship Games in a row, and a win in the two remaining playoff games will get him to 10 playoff wins, putting him in 11th place all-time today, just one win behind Aaron Rodgers and only six behind Joe Montana (who is in second place).

Unprecedented playoff success

To think that he currently averages two playoff wins per year, means he would reach Montana’s mark in 4 years (16 wins), at age 30.

QB Patrick Mahomes on Track to Surpassing Tom Brady as The G.O.A.T



It is only necessary to say that when he reaches Super Bowl LVI, he would reach three as a starter in his career, equaling legends such as Troy Aikman, Ben Roethlisberger and Kurt Warner, in total there are only 12 passers who have been starters in three Super Bowls.

Finally, of the 10 games Mahomes has already played in playoffs, eight have been at home and two are Super Bowls (which should be neutral territory), although last year he visited the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Raymond James Stadium in the LV edition, the two postseason defeats have been against Tom Brady, first with the New England Patriots and then in the aforementioned Super Bowl.

In short, if he doesn’t suffer injuries or game losses, Patrick Mahomes’ numbers tell us that, when he retires, he will surpass Tom Brady as the best statistical quarterback of all time.

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