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Rising hate for Hamilton in F1 Revealed.



Hamilton is one of the fewest drivers on the grid who have voiced out for or against several social issues that have been happening around the world. However, despite paying such good deeds to society, his on-track debacle with Max Verstappen at Silverstone opened a can of worms.





A lot of fans questioned the fair play of Hamilton during the British Grand Prix. And of course, it spurred a substantial level of hate comments against the world champion, and a lot of other racing colleagues had to interfere and demand the fans to move on.





But that’s not it. There is also a debate over who the real ‘Greatest of All Time’ is. While the stats suggest that Hamilton indeed is the GOAT, a lot of fans are reluctant in accepting the fact, and often place the crown on top of the racing legend, Michael Schumacher.



Nevertheless, the Briton is evidently unscathed by such hate and is on course to claim what could be a record-breaking 8th F1 title. So, can Hamilton finally put the debates to rest by setting a new benchmark in F1? We’ll know soon enough.


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