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Serena Williams Expresses Her Opinion On Featuring In Movies In An Interview With Michael B. Jordan.



Serena Williams has definitely transformed herself into a global ambassador. She advertises for various brands today and is even a model for some of them. In a recent interview with renowned American actor Michael B. Jordan, Williams answered if she would ever be interested in acting in movies.







“Yeah, I don’t know if I have time, to be honest,” began Williams. “It takes so much time and so much dedication. I think anything I wanna do, I wanna be really good at it, or at least the best that I can do. Put the practice in it and you know, do that. But, you know, my time is, it’s a little short now.”

Serena reflected that even though she would want to feature in a film someday, she doesn’t have the time to do so right now. She also stated that it takes a lot of dedication to play a part in a movie.



Williams revealed which role she would like to play in a movie if she ever gets a chance to do so. She highlighted that she would be an action hero.

“I would play an action hero because clearly, I should be an action hero,” added the 23-time Grand Slam champion.



A film on Serena’s dad, Richard Williams, will soon be out in cinemas in which Will Smith is playing the role of Richard. Fans are surely excited about it and want to see Serena Williams too in a movie someday. Will Serena lead Hollywood after bidding goodbye to tennis?


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