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Simone Biles Addresses Myth of Early Depression in Young Gymnasts.



Simone Biles is at an all-time high in her career following the success of her Gold Over America Tour. Despite not competing in major gymnastics competitions, she is staying in the headlines for her notable work towards society. Her ever-lasting legacy remains key in drawing many young gymnasts closer to the sport.





Recently, Simone Biles withdrew from the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, citing mental health concerns. When asked whether she had faced similar issues when she was a kid, she opened up on how happy her life was as a kid.



The legendary gymnast revealed in an interview with ‘GLAMOUR’ about the happy childhood she had and how she never faced troubles when growing up.





“I was never depressed as a kid. I was actually very happy. Because I feel like you, don’t really get pressure to compete well till you get older. But, it also depends on your parents and your coaches, and my parents just always let me have fun and be myself in and out of the gym.”



“So as I got older, you have to take mental days or whatever. But, I’ve probably only taken like two ever. So, not really,” said Biles.


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