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Simone Biles Admits This Gymnast Would Have Beaten Her at Tokyo Olympics 2020



Simone Biles is one of the greatest gymnasts in the Olympics history. Even though Simone did not clinch the medal tally she expected, her daring and inspiring attitude made her the star in Tokyo.





The American favorite had to withdraw from four out of five events. Notably, those were the four events where she was the defending champion. But team USA backed up Biles and their nation by giving their best and defended the title. Simone was not in the finals, but she revealed which performance stunned her.



Young American gymnasts, Suni Lee and Jade Carey found their spotlight moment in Tokyo. Suni and Jade clinched the gold medal in the women’s artistic individual all-around and women’s floor events, respectively. At Rio Olympics 2016, Simone had dominated both events.



A Twitter user tweeted saying, “Jade would’ve won floor gold even with Simone in the final.” The American gymnastics icon Simone replied to this tweet, accepting Jade as a threat to her podium finish if she had competed.



Simone wrote, “I 100% agree with this. Jade had a phenomenal near perfect routine. She would’ve kicked my ass hahahaha. my jaw was on the floor!!! I’m so proud & happy for her! “



Despite being the rivals on the mat, team USA’s gymnasts have been nothing but supportive of each other. After Tokyo Olympics 2020, Simone has left no opportunity to praise her team and thank them for their constant motivation and support.


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