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Simone Biles Opens up on What She Finds Attractive in a Man.



Along with being one of the best gymnasts of her generation, Simone Biles is also among the most popular athletes today. The 24-year-old, who made a stunning Olympic debut in Rio five years ago, often finds her personal life as a subject of great interest to millions across the world.





For over a year, Biles has been dating Jonathan Owens, who plays as a safety for NFL team Houston Texans. During a recent appearance on social media, the four-time Olympic gold medalist opened up on her expectations not just from Owens, but from her partner in general.





In the video, Biles interacted with her fans, taking several of their questions. One of them asked about her preferences when it comes to choosing a partner. While mentioning several good qualities, she also stressed on an aspect which she wouldn’t want.





She said, “Being positive is good. I think, when somebody thinks they know everything like a big know-it-all, dislike. I wouldn’t even say too opinionated, I would just say too negative Nancy. Negative Nancy’s got to go.”

It’s safe to say that Owens ticks all the boxes on Biles’ list. Along with sharing endearing moments, they also showed immense support for each other, especially when the other performed on the big stage.


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