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10 States in Nigeria That Has The Best Wife Material Ladies

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States in Nigeria That Has The Best Wife Material

Marriage is never meant for kids or unserious fellows, going into marriage in Nigeria takes in-depth search and prayers to choose the right person to marry,most men marriages have crashed because they had Married from the wrong state in Nigeria, so that why In this article I have outlined a list of States in Nigeria That Has The Best Wife Material that you could marry from it tribe.

But before I start listing the best State to marry in Nigeria,I am sure you would also like to know the meaning of wife material.

Wife Material Meaning

According to most Nigerian Men,a woman who is Smart, intelligent, has a job, does not care about what others say and A woman that loves her man,trustworthy,clean and decent also respects the sanction of marriage exceptional cognitive acumen also true to her identity and has an effective personality together with internal and external beauty is referred to as a wife Material.

But let’s take a deep look into this, a wife material is not a girl who can cook food, cleans furniture, wash clothes or  arrange the house, she’s not someone that must satisfy you in bed because you can get maids who can also do all this for you easily.

So what does Wife Material really means? A wife material is any lady who has the full potential or qualities of a good woman to a man’s likings. The term wife material is mostly used by men who are in search of a decent lady of his choice,if a man should call you wife material it means you are just more than a girlfriend to him and he wants to marry you.

So quickly let’s dive into the best state with decent ladies to marry from in nigeria

List Of States in Nigeria That Has The Best Wife Material

There are about 36 States in Nigeria and I have done some clear research on 10 unique States you could marry from.

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For men who are aspiring to get married or men who have been divorced and want to remarry but don’t want to go the wrong way,read this to the end.

This pictures is used to make users understand the states that has the best wife material in Nigeria
A typical Nigerian Lady

1. Lagos State:

If you want a lady who is exposed,you should consider marrying from this State. Most women from Lagos are very respectful,independent and industrious,they are hardworking and know how the economy of the country is run. They also support their husbands in all ramifications. I mean indigenous ladies and not immigrants.

2. Kaduna State:

Consider this State as one of the best states to get a wife material,they are so very caring, loving and also mhenn… Damm respectful,they respect their husbands a lot.

Well, without doubt you could notice some northern States are culturally Immersed, unexceptional for this State, ladies from this State don’t make fun of their culture.

Before you could gain access to them,you have to be a Muslim i.e they don’t marry other religions.

3. Osun State:

Nigerian wife material

Osun ladies are quite beautiful and have respect,but most times they could be so Moody, but I tell you they love peace.

These ladies are culture talented and influential,if you want a decent girl go for them.

4. Imo State:

Apart from the fact that this ladies love’s money they are also worth the task, and besides all ladies or even States love’s money…

Ladies from Imo State are quite very beautiful and industrious. They have large knowledge on how to make income and are also beneficial to you. You could choose them as good wife material. Am not sure of respect,but well not all.

5. Cross-River State:

You should consider this State as a superb one because they are beautiful and also gentle… yes I have confirmed this.

They don’t talk much unless you give them a chance. Very respectful at will only,bride price is affordable….lols.

Honestly they are exposed just like Lagos State Ladies.

6. Ogun State:

 Ladies from this state are more educated, intelligent and partially respective, they are industrious and loving,if you consider them as your choice you can go for them.

7. Ondo State:

Hey man’ Do you want to marry a respectful,Godly and loving lady? This state is the best for that..

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Am sure about this, Andi have done a thorough research on this. They tend to be submissive to their husbands and industrious.

8. Delta State:

Ladies from this state might be at first stubborn, sorry to say.

But they are loving, actually they deserve  gentlemen who could overlook errors easily. Honestly they are very industrious and would make a perfect wife and a caring mother.

9. Benue State:

Very independent, industrious and having the faculty of slow motion, partially agile.

Ladies from this state are beautiful and religious too,they would prefer a Christian as a husband. So if you are considering marrying a benue girl then you should be a Christian.

10. Enugu State:

Consisting of matter,they are not spiritual [ partially]. If you deserve respect they’ll give it to you. They are beautiful and very talkative….

you could check back later for updates from other sources,but before then let me show you some qualities of a good wife material.

What Are The Qualities Of A Wife Material

No man would ever want to marry a troublesome lady as a wife, so to avoid trouble, I have listed 14 characteristics of a decent Nigeria Girl for who is ready for marriage. Read them below

1. She is very industrious and the attributes of a luxury life are not within her.

2. She would be happy to take you as you are either rich or poor.

3. She respects everything about you.

4. She Is a good cook and would become a loving Wife.

5. She’ll never buy food from a restaurant to feed you because of her nails.

6. She doesn’t hide anything from you both her phone contacts, chats and a lot more.

7. She is not tribalistic,she focused on love and your concern for her.

8. She won’t accept sēx on a first date.

9. She does not stay long outside the home,she does keep to time.

10. She  thinks for herself, hardworking, submissive without losing her dignity and supports her man morally and financially 

11. No matter how things get rough she’ll always be there for you

 12. Even if the whole world is against you she’s still going to support you.

13. She is that woman that will never allow a rich guy to go through her even when you travel out of the country, she’ll always Wait for you.

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14. A woman who doesn’t ask her husband/boyfriend for money.

Signs Of A Good Wife Material

If your girlfriend in Nigeria exhibits any of this Signs,marry her because she is a good wife material

1. When she comes to your House Cooks For You and Washes Your Clothes Including Your underwear

2. You gave her 60 Thousands naira for Shopping but She went for a Simple Dress and Brought Back 50k to you.

3. If you take her Out To an Eatery and She Orders for Cheap Food and sachet Water instead of Expensive meals

4. If She sees Someone with Benz but decides to follow You with no Car.

5. If both of you enter A Bus and She Pays your fee

6. When you ask her what she wants and She says Nothing, hmmm,she Deserves Everything,Give Her All You Have.

7. If she comes to your House and Joins you in Drinking Garri.

What does it mean if a guy calls you wife material?

When guys call you a wife material,it means he love the kind of woman you are and he sees you as someone who has all attributes of becoming a good wife,your are just more than a girlfriend to him,he loves you and want to marry you.

What is the worst tribe to marry from in Nigeria

There are no worst tribe in Nigeria,the fact that you don’t fancy some tribe doesn’t means they are bad. Many people loves the tribe you hate and Remember one man’s food is another man’s poison.

Hope you really enjoy reading the states in nigeria that has the best wife material. Please Note that, These are my personal findings and it should not be used as a medium for judgemental discussion. If your state is not listed their, that doesn’t mean you are flag bad or a worst tribe to marry in nigeria.

So in the comment section tell me which state do you think has the best wife material, let me know your own point of view.


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