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Sterling Mahomes’ Bond With ‘Steel And Silver’ Revealed in Adorable Post by Brittany



Sterling Mahomes' Bond With 'Steel And Silver' Revealed in Adorable Post by Brittany

Sterling Skye loves her furry siblings! On Thursday, Brittany Matthews shared an adorable series of photos of her daughter, who turns 1 later this month, playing with her pet dogs Steel and Silver.



In one of the photos, Sterling, whom Matthews shares with fiancé Patrick Mahomes, hangs out with Steel, who recently returned home from the vet after having surgery. “Just trying to make sure Steel is inside that cone🤣,” Matthews, 26, writes alongside a shot of Sterling peering into Steel’s recovery cone.



In the other photos, Sterling, who is dressed in a cute pajama set with hearts, snuggles with her other dog Silver, whom Matthews says is “truly her best friend.”



Sterling Mahomes' Bond With 'Steel And Silver' Revealed in Adorable Post by Brittany



Matthews frequently documents sweet moments between Sterling and their dogs, recently sharing a clip of the infant feeding her food to Silver.



In the video, Sterling picks up her spoon while sitting in her high chair and passes it to her dog for a lick. Silver sits on the ground next to Sterling and patiently waits for the infant to sneak her a treat.

“What do you do with a child, who will eat no food that you give her but just gives it to the dogs?” Matthews says in the background. “Oh nice,” she adds as her daughter goes to feed the dog.



Matthews also posted about a funny moment when Sterling stuck her hand out to the side for Silver to clean after she snacked on some avocado. “How we clean hands over here,” Matthews says in the background, teasing there’s “no need for a napkin.”

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