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Toto Wolff Insinuates That F1 is “Interfering in Racing Just to Promote The Entertainment Factor.”



Formula One has seen a rise in viewership due to Netflix’s Drive to Survive series. After the dramatic Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, fans were outraged by the outcome; there were even suggestions that it was done deliberately to create a spectacle. Team boss of Mercedes, Toto Wolff, has stated that F1 is a sport first, and not entertainment.



The Formula One community’s opinions about DTS are divided; some love it, others hate it. Its critics feel there is fake drama in the show to make the series exciting. Wolff is on the same page, as at the end of the day, Formula One is a sport and must maintain its integrity as such.



The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix’s results have been surrounded by controversy as Max Verstappen won his first World Championship after some questionable decisions by the powers that be. Wolff feels that trying to alter the race just to create some entertainment is not right.





Speaking to GPFans as quoted by Formula, he said, “In the end, we provide entertainment but the entertainment must follow sports and not on the contrary. We love Netflix and ‘Drive to Survive’.



Stefano Domenicali is doing a phenomenal job in marketing to promote this sport and Stefano, as a true driver, would have no interest in interfering in racing just to promote the entertainment factor.”



“I cannot judge the pressures to which the Clerk of the Course is subjected but in any case. We are credible as a sport because it is sport and not wrestling,” Wolff concluded.

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