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Toto Wolff: Lewis Hamilton Will Never be Greater Than Michael Schumacher.



Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher are two of the greatest drivers in Formula One; both have seven world championships to their name. Even though Lewis was on the verge of breaking the German’s record this season, Team Principal of Mercedes, Toto Wolff states that no one is bigger than Schumi, not even his own driver.



The debate of who is the greatest driver of all time in Formula One was expected to be settled last weekend in Abu Dhabi if Hamilton had taken home his eighth title in Formula One.





However, for Wolff, Schumacher will still be the best regardless of how many titles Britain’s Knight wins. Many hold the Ferrari legend in high regard; winning seven titles in the sport made him a legend.



But, history almost changed this past weekend; if Hamilton who narrowly lost to Max Verstappen, could have be crowned as the world champion for the eighth time. But, even if Lewis had won, he won’t be on the same level as the German driver, according to Wolff.





Speaking in an exclusive interview with Bild, Wolff said, “No one will ever be taller than Schumi. Even if the statistics would see Lewis ahead. But Michael has shaped a generation like no other, he is iconic. You can’t make comparisons across generations. Lewis is the greatest of his generation.”


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