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“Training in the ocean”: Lewis Hamilton Shows His Training Regime With Angela Cullen



It’s the final race of the triple-header; the Italian GP promises to be as entertaining as always. Max Verstappen regained the lead in the championship battle, while Mercedes holds on to its position, three points ahead of Red Bull. With a very compelling race ahead of him, Lewis Hamilton shared an update regarding what he has been doing to get into shape.



Hamilton took a dip in the ocean to cool off from a heated Dutch GP. Using the waters to get in his cardio, Hamilton and his trainer prep for Monza. The champion shared on his Instagram: “perfect prep for this weekend. No time to rest!!”




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The battle with Verstappen has become extremely close. For both players, the slightest error decides who sits on the top. As the scale can tilt either way, both drivers continue to stay on their toes to get the trophy at the end of the season.

Hamilton praised Verstappen for the competition he presented. “Congrats to Max – they put an upgrade on at the last race and whoo–they’re quick!… I tell you he [Verstappen] was fast today. They were on another level today that I genuinely couldn’t answer really to most of those laps.”



Verstappen extremely impressed Hamilton with his drive. “Credit to him [Verstappen], credit to Red Bull, they were really faultless today.” The reigning champion even congratulated the Dutchman for his home win.



The race in Monza would be a critical decider for the two rivals; with a win, either Verstappen increases his lead, or Hamilton climbs on top again. As the oscillatory results keep changing, it’s going to be a long road to the final round in Abu Dhabi. Till then, it’s 53 rounds of Monza.


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