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Vanessa Bryant’s Emotional Valentine’s Tributes to Kobe Bryant.



Vanessa Bryant's Emotional Valentine's Tributes to Kobe Bryant.

Everlasting love. Vanessa Bryant has honored Kobe Bryant’s memory with some sweet Valentine’s Day posts over the years since his passing. Here are some of the emotional memories on valentine’s day with the Bryant family.



Vanessa Bryant Shares Sweet Valentine’s Day Tribute to Kobe Bryant in 2021

Vanessa took to Instagram to share a sweet throwback snapshot of herself and her husband from many years ago, hugging and smiling for the camera. In the pic, Kobe has his arms wrapped around her as she sports a pair of white bunny ears.



“Happy Valentine’s Day Boo-Boo. I love you for now, forever and for always. ❤️ @kobebryant #TiAmo,” Vanessa wrote.



Vanessa Bryant's Emotional Valentine's Tributes to Kobe Bryant.

She also shared another throwback from over a decade ago, which shows her giving her husband a ride home from the airport after giving him a lovely Valentine’s Day surprise.

“2000 ❤️🏆 Thx for sending me this pic @adbphotoinc. Took me back to the day I gave @kobebryant roses when I picked up from the airport. #LA,” she wrote.



Vanessa later shared a snapshot to her Instagram story showing four stunning arrangements of roses in various shades of pinks and reds. Each arrangement was meant for each of the couple’s daughters — including Gianna Bryant, who died with her father in the tragic helicopter crash on Jan. 26, 2020.

Vanessa Bryant's Emotional Valentine's Tributes to Kobe Bryant.



“4 flower bouquets for Nani, Gigi, B.B and Koko (Just like Daddy always ordered for them). #Traditions,” Vanessa wrote. “@Kobebryant set the bar high. The best #GirlDad.”

David and Victoria Beckham send Valentine’s Day flowers to Kobe and Vanessa Bryant’s daughters

David, 45, and Victoria, 46, had sent three stunning pink bouquets of roses for Vanessa’s daughters Natalia, 18, Bianka, four, and Capri, 20 months.

Vanessa Bryant's Emotional Valentine's Tributes to Kobe Bryant.



The couple also penned a sweet note, which read: ‘I hope I inspire my children just as much as your dad did. Thinking of you all today. Happy Valentine’s Day, with love, David Beckham & family xxxx.’

David and Kobe became close after the footballer completed his move to LA Galaxy in 2007 before becoming a regular fixture at the Staples Center in Los Angeles where he would watch the late athlete in action.


Old love, they say never fails, however, it gets worse when the lovers are separated by death. Yesterday was Valentine’s day, and Vanessa Bryant posted a romantic message to her dead lover, Kobe Bryant.

Vanessa Bryant's Emotional Valentine's Tributes to Kobe Bryant.

She writes:

“To my forever Valentine, I love you so much. Missing you so much on your favorite holiday, Te amo per sempre. Kisses to you and Gigi in heaven. Happy Valentine’s Day, my babies. With all my love, your boo-boo.”

She posted a picture of both of them with Lauryn Hills song “Tell Him” playing in the background. Kobe Bryant is a huge Lauryn Hill fan. She further posted a picture with the Grammy winner and Vanessa back in 2018.

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