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Verstappen & Horner Raise Suspicion on Mercedes’ Rear Wing After Lewis Hamilton’s Stunning Finish



Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton faced a shocking disqualification from the qualifying session at Interlagos after failing to adhere to the FIA’s technical regulations with respect to the DRS. The length of the rear-wing flap exceeded the 85 mm limit, and, hence, the stewards had to retrieve his name off the speed king in Brazil.



Consequently, Mercedes brought in another rear wing which perfectly worked with the regulations, making the car 100% legal. But, how far are Red Bull pleased with the FIA’s final verdict? Well, not so much.





Max Verstappen and Christian Horner are still stubborn that there is something fishy about Mercedes’ rear wings, which is gifting both their drivers a mind-boggling straight-line speed.

Following the sprint qualifying at Interlagos, Verstappen pointed out that Mercedes’ straight-line is proving to be quite unnatural, which he reckoned was the reason behind his inspection of the car after qualifying on Friday.



“We have our suspicions that something is going on there… you know at the beginning of the year we all had to change our rear wings with the pillar and the back-off, basically,” he said. “So, I think there is still something going on with the main plane opening up and giving them more top speed.



“I just look at their rear wing and there is clearly something going on. It’s going to be a nice dinner for them,” Verstappen added.



Horner used ‘Physics’ to prove why there has to be something in Mercedes’ car that is offering them such a massive straight-line speed advantage over the rest of the grid.

“It’s something that is enabling the car to do that kinda of speed. Something must happen. Physics doesn’t allow the delta that you would need to achieve that is pretty significant. We will try to understand that and go from there,” the Briton said. “It’s Formula 1. The technical directive came out that change the technical procedure and they the resting procedure and the rear wing was changed accordingly. Maybe we need another change to the test.”

Overall, after a rather quiet few months, the off-track battle is starting to pick up again. But, as of now, it doesn’t seem like Red Bull will protest against Mercedes’ rear wing, at least not until they gain some kind of evidence to prove the illegality of Mercedes’ rear. Until then, the battle continues on the track.


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