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WATCH: 105-Year-Old Lewis Hamilton Fan Shares Surprise Video Call With The 7-Time World Champion Few Weeks to His Birthday



Lewis Hamilton took some time off to get on a video call with a couple of his oldest fans. Len, who is now 105 years old, and his son, David made conversation with the seven-time champion. The British duo shared how proud they were of the man representing their country. Other than the obvious talent that Lewis has, they gave another very notable reason they support the driver.





“We’re so proud of you. And the fact that you thank everybody that supported you, your team back in Brackley, and all your engineers, you always thank them, and we are so proud of you, you know.” Lewis, moved by the sentiment, explained why he includes everyone in his achievements.



“I know that I couldn’t have gotten here on my own… I have this huge group of people behind me who are not in the limelight, they’re not all at the track, and for me, it’s important for them to know that I know I couldn’t have had this result if it wasn’t for them.”





The heartwarming video ended with Len blessing the driver with his good wishes. “I will be thinking of you in the future and I hope you have a very good future.”



What was a truly meaningful exchange between the fans and the driver, Lewis will surely keep this one in his heart.


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