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“When They Start Comparing…”: Michael Jordan Rejects G.O.A.T Title.



"When They Start Comparing...": Michael Jordan Rejects G.O.A.T Title.

Many fans consider Michael Jordan to be the greatest of all time. Jordan did things during his career in the NBA that has yet to be replicated, and he played with a skill and ferocity that we haven’t seen from any player or after him. But Jordan himself actually shies away from that label.



In an interview, Michael Jordan spoke about the GOAT debate, and why he does not like to accept the label of being the greatest player of all time. MJ believes that players have played in different eras, and to compare their accomplishments and style of play would be a disservice to them, himself, and the sport of basketball, as no player has an identical style of play at all.



"When They Start Comparing...": Michael Jordan Rejects G.O.A.T Title.



“When they start comparing, you know, who’s the best of all time, I never can accept that role. There’s a lot of old guys that influenced my game. If I didn’t see those guys, there’s no way my game would have evolved…



I’m not here campaigning for the best player in the world or in history, I’m not saying that. Because everybody plays differently, in different eras.”



Jordan has a point, as a lot of the NBA’s greatest players had extremely different playing styles. And to compare them like they were all the same player would be wildly unfair to their playing styles. Their legacies were not just defined by their accomplishments, but also their playing styles.



Whether Jordan will accept the title or not, there is no denying that most consider him the best to ever do it. Jordan has some of the most unbelievable accomplishments of any player to ever step foot onto an NBA court. And his dominance of the game, along with the long-lasting impact he has had on the game cannot be forgotten.


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