Tanita Strahan Net worth & Biography:Age, Parents, Measurements and more Amazing facts [2021 Reviews]

Hi, we’ll discuss about What is Tanita Strahan net worth and biography,her father,siblings and what’s her job and so many updates about her.Just read on

Tanita Strahan is one of the top visual artists In Germany.She was born on 10th of November,1991.presently she is 29 years old.

She was born in Germany, but had decided to claim an identity of being a citizen of the United States of America by Nationality

Who is Tanita Strahan? Tanita Strahan is the daughter of Micheal Strahan,formerly, he played for the National Football league in New York as a defender and now an American Television host.She is one of the top visual artists In Germany,she was born on 10th of November,1991.presently she is 29 years old

She is popularly known as the first and eldest daughter of Micheal Strahan,being a former professional football player for the National Football league in New York and now an American Television host.

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Apart from being a daughter to a famous Television host, she’s made success from her arts works,she makes drawings from inks,watercolor,digitals and media arts.

Okay,so we’ll discuss some important aspects about Tanita strahan,her biography,age, parents,net worths,body measurements and many more.

Tanita Strahan Biography

Tanita Strahan was born in Germany,year 1991 by November 10.Who is tanita strahan? She is the first daughter of Micheal Strahan her father,Micheal is a former professional football player who played for the National Football league in New York and now an American Television host.Her mother Wanda Hutchins is a perfect home designer.

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Tanita Strahan art work

Tanita has four other siblings”Micheal,Dorian,Sophia and Isabella,and she is the eldest among them. Her younger brother was named after her father “Micheal strahan jr.

Tanita strahan parent marriage did not last,as her father Micheal strahan had to divorce Wanda Hutchins her mother in 1992 and later went ahead to marry Jean muggli in July18,1999.

In respect to her siblings,she only has two blood brothers and they are Michael Jr and Dorian.while Sophia and Isabella were her half sisters,her step mum children obviously Sophia and Isabella are twins.wow that was luck for Jean Muggli.

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Right from a young age, She has developed interest in the world of Arts.In Los Angeles,she studied visual design and communication from a Fashion Institute of design and Merchandising.

In addition,Gene Willie strahan happens to be her grandfather,Willie is a retired Major in the US Army and also a boxer, sure he would win many pitch fights.His wife Louise,being Tanita’s grandmother is also a remarkable basketball coach.

Tanita Strahan Profile Summaries

Name: Tanita Strahan

How old is Tanita Strahan: Presently the visual artist is 29 years old

Birth sign: Scorpio

Who is Tanita strahan mom: Wanda Hutchins Strahan

Tanita strahan father: Micheal Strahan

Nationality: United States of America (by Nationality)

Birth place: Germany

Siblings: 4

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How old is Tanita Strahan and more on her Bio

Tanita Strahan
Who is Tanita Strahan
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Tanita Strahan pics

The stunning artist was born on 11th of November,1991In Germany,but holds a citizenship of the  United States of America.

She had a tattoo on her upper right hand arm with the description “X.XI.MCMXCI” which clearly States the date of her birthday.

How old is Tanita Strahan? Presently she is 29 years old.

Tanita was born with the zodiac sign “Scorpio”. Incredible!! She was born when her parents weren’t a married couple.But after 2months plus two weeks they tied the nut together.

In addition,her last birthday was a remarkable one,her father Micheal Strahan celebrated his daughter Tanita, with some heart warming greetings as well as posting some cute pics of them on Instagram.

Micheal Strahan commendes  the birthday by saying that he is very proud to be her father and she is an “amazing human.”

Well fans were anticipating to see some new shots of his daughter,but those pics turned out to become some throwback pics.

He posted two pics on Instagram,one was showing him and Tanita on a boat in the river,while the other just a kind of lovely thing.

The throwback pics were actually the one they had taken when they had a trip to London,with his Nephew,CJ Strahan.

Tanita Strahan Net Worth

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Apart from being the daughter of a famous footballer Micheal Strahan,she is best recognized as a visual artist,a professional in Designs and water colour.

What is Tanita Strahan net worth? 

Tanita earns a good sum of money as a visual arts manager. Her actual net worth has not been revealed to the public yet.

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Tanita is a self employed person,her exact net worth is what she has not been able to make public,but according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average income/salary for a professional visual artist is around $45,577 to $53,400 while the minimum compensation is around $19,150..So we had expect Tanita nets worth to fall within this category.

So therefore,Tanita Strahan estimated net worth is $45,577 to $53,400 and her main source of income is from her visualize Artist Career.

This table below gives a clear summary about Tanita Strahan Net Worth

Tanita Strahan Estimated Net Worth$45,577 to $53,400 yearly
Source of Incomea visual artist,a professional in Designs and water colour.
Monthly income$1-$5million
ProfessionVisualize Artist
This table give a clear outlines or information about Tanita Strahan net worth

Unlike her father Micheal Strahan,he hadn’t enclosed his wealth status,his yearly salary might not be exact each year but he has an estimated net worth.

What is Micheal Strahan net worth

Micheal’s net worth is mounted to be $60million,But just after years his net worth grew to about $65 million this was around 2002-2003 when he earned the highest payment of $20.8 but presently he earns $17 million each year.

Tanita Strahan Father

Who is Tanita Strahan to her father and how did she became famous?

Tanita Strahan got Fame from being the eldest daughter of a former professional football player Micheal Strahan, he played for the National Football league in New York and now an American Television host.

Who is Micheal Strahan?

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Micheal Strahan

Micheal Strahan is presently a football analyst on Fox NFL Sunday and a co-host of ABC’s ,Good Morning America.

From 2012-2016,Strahan  co-hosted a Live day time talk show, featuring Kelly with Micheal and Kelly Ripa and of which he had only won twice in 4 years.

Micheal Strahan was born in Houston,on 21st of November 1971.He is the youngest of the six Children his parent had.His Father Gene Willie Strahan,was a retired Army Major and a boxer with a record of 1–1 against Ken Norton,the Heavyweight champion.

His mother, Louise Traylor Strahan is a retired Basketball Coach.He attended Westbury High School Houston in Texas City and then moved to Texas southern college in 1985.

His father Gene Willie Strahan,sent him to live with his uncle ART in Houston, who is also a former defensive lineman playing also for the NFL,he was sent So he could attend Westbury High School.

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Although Micheal Strahan played just a season in Westbury High School which was enough for him to get a scholarship offer from Texas southern University.

He played the defensive End just like his uncle ART,he started his professional career in 1993 playing for New York Giants for 15 years and in 2014 he was promoted to the The senior teams,the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Tanita Strahan Mother

Tanita mother’s names is Wanda Hutchins,Micheal married her in 1999,that was 2 months after they gave birth to Tanita.

Actually thier relationship didn’t last they were married for just 4 years 1992-1996.Sje had only two children for him,Tanita and Micheal jnr.

In 1999, Micheal met Jean Muggli at a spa and went ahead to married her.In 2004 she  gave birth to two daughters,Sophia and Isabella both twins.

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In 2006,Micheal divorced her again and they both finalized thier divorce by December that same year.

In addition,Judge James B. Convery awarded Muggli $15 million in a divorce settlement in January 2007 with a $18,000 monthly child support.

Furthermore,Micheal Strahan mansion was sold for $3.6 million and the money was shared in equilibrium

Lastly In August 2009, Strahan was engaged to Eddie Murphy’s ex-wife ‘Nicole Mitchell’,but the two ended their engagement in 2014.

Tanita Strahan Relationship status

like everyother persons would like to fall in love,tanita is no exceptional she is currently dating someone

Who is Tanita Strahan dating now?

Tanita Strahan biography and other facts
Tanita Strahan

Tanita Strahan is currently dating Calenta Mincey,her boyfriend Mincey is also a talented visual artist and they both works as self-employed

Currently, Tanita Strahan has not been so present online so not very much details about her relationship is available

Tanita Strahan Body Measurements

Weight58 Kg or 128 lbs.
Shoe size6
Eye colourblack
Hair colorblond
Tanita Measurements table

 Quick Facts about Tanita Strahan biography and wiki

  1. Tanita Strahan was born in 1991 in Germany
  2. Tanita’s father Micheal Strahan is a former professional basketball player,now he works as a television host and her mother Wanda is a homemaker.
  3. Tanita studied Design and Visual Communications degree from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising
  4. What is Tanita Strahan Net worth? Her exact net worth is unknown. But according to our Investigations, an average visual artist earns around $45,577 per year.
  5. Tanita body measurements:Tanita has a black eyes and also black hair with an athletic body size