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Why Do Girls Have More Than One Boo – 5 Advanced Reasons

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Honestly most girls hate to cheat in a relationship but there are many girls who have multiple boyfriends because of their personal gains,So quickly in this article you are going to know why do girls have more than one boo at a time in a relationship.

There are lots of girls out there who don’t even think of having multiple relationships at a time and they remain loyal and love only a single person, and in this course, some girls love to have someone who is committed to them and if they have any such person in life they shall think of getting into another relationship.

But! Why do they cheat?

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Why do women date more than one guy?

One of the main reasons why girls have more than one boyfriend is because some ladies believe dating more than one man boosts their self-confidence and improves her dating skills. Due to such a scenario, many would prefer to have multiple partners so as to be on the safer side.

So in the next paragraph, I am going to tell you 5 advanced reasons why a girl may date more than one guy at a time.  Just keep reading!

Why Do Girls Have More Than One Boo

1.Because They Fear Heartbreak:

Most Girls are aware that she could experience a breakup soon from her current boyfriend or she noticed that her boyfriend is no longer interested in her, so the fear of experiencing a heartbreak lead them to having multiple partners.

Here is my story: a female friend asked me to become her boyfriend, because she wants an alternative to her boyfriend whom she doesn’t trust in case he disappointed her.  I actually rejected her offer and she still lost her boyfriend in the long run. I feel pain for her.

2. It Boosts Their Dating Experience: According to my research,most girls tend to date more than one person, just to improve her experience in dating.

Most women of today would not want to risk falling in love with a wrong guy and so they would prefer to date two men as an insurance,to avoid shock. 

It boosts her self confidence on how men treat women and it makes her more at ease about decisions.

A lady who has multiple men battling for her heart will undoubtedly not be short of self-confidence.

3. They Feel That They Are Wanted And Desired:

Most ladies are pompous and proud of their beauty,so this scenario runs through their head and they are unable to resist the urges of double dating. Most time they date multiple men because it their own selfish desires and physical states.

4. For More Sex:

Although it is improper to have sex with random people. But it can be additional fun to them having Learning different face of endless sex from different men. If one person is into rough or medium and another likes it slow and delicate, it can be an excellent chance for her to expertise all the varieties of sex their body craves. 

5.For Trust And Exposure:

Most women would like to keep multiple boyfriends so that they can understudy all of them to be able to know their true qualities.  As we all know, going into marriage is a life choice and no one would want to do it wrongly.

What Are The Side Effects Of Having Multiple Partners?

Too many boyfriends has its own side effects and I have made some analysis here.

Having multiple partners has been traced to be linked with risks such as maternal deaths and complications also with cancers and other sexually transmitted infections and  social condemnation in some societies.

In addition, craving for multiple men poses a greater risk for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) like HIV/AIDS and other life-threatening conditions like prostate cancer, cervical cancer, and oral cancer.

Is It Normal For A Girl To Date Multiple Guys?

Yes it’s normal and it is not a new thing. Girls of modern days sees no wrong in dating multiple guys. But only few would stick to one Boyfriend at a time.

What is it called when a girl has two boyfriends?

Some girls love to have someone who is committed to them and if they have any such person in life they shall think of getting into another relationship, when they do,they are called polyamorous.

Hope you really enjoyed reading this ,if yes, please share this article to your friends and also Comments reasons you know makes girl have more than one Boo

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