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29 Reasons Why you should not disclose your relationship Status on social media-The Big List

There are so many reasons why you should not disclose your relationship status on social media.

Posting pictures of your boyfriend or girlfriend on

social media do not show how much you really love or care but endangering your relationship to the fullest.

Your relationship should be a two person thing I.e your partner and you.Disclosing your relationship on social media like Facebook, Twitter,Instagram,WhatsApp and many more,would only lead to certain disaster.

In this article,I’ll be listing top reasons,why you should not disclose your relationship status on social media.

if this kind of reaction were placed on your relationship post,I’ll advice you to keep off posting about them.

A type of reaction where people laugh at your post,instead of giving you a caring emoji or reaction, this shows the level of hatred on your relationship.

The reaction was actually the one i got when i posted about my relationship on facebook.And am sure you dont want to get that too.

So that’s why am giving you this article.!

Why you should not disclose your relationship Status on social media.

  1. To obstruct people from your relationship.
  2. To prevent other from creating misunderstandings between both partners.
  3. To avoid causing discomfort to your partner.
  4. To avoid Negative Attention from people
  5. To create a greasy parting/breakup option for both partners.
  6. Because you are not dating on social media
  7. To avoid prying and curiosity.
  8. For your secuirity purpose.
  9. Because its not the best way to show love.
  10. Relationship that is based/centred on status update is not the best type of relationship.
  11. Because you don want to quikly inform all your friend about your new life and steps.
  12. The basic reason is to avoid criticism from many or random people who do not know little or much about you and your relationship.
  13. Social media is not going to make your Relationship better just because you post your partner
  14. Because you dont want your Relationship to be scrutinized by your followers.
  15. Because you don’t need to hear about other people’s opinion about your relationship,since it a two person thing.
  16. Because you won’t allow people to keep telling you what you should do about your own personal Relationship
  17. Because you don’t have to prove to anybody that you are in a relationship.
  18. Because you should live a private life.
  19. Because you don’t want to turn your relationship into a TV show by updating or exposing your daily life to total strangers.
  20. Because your partner is not an object of advert.
  21. Because nobody is looking forward to read a passive aggression stories about your partner
  22. Because there is no need to flaunt pictures of your partner
  23. To avoid revealing personal things about your partner,which they naturally dont want to share
  24. To avoid damages of trust between partners
  25. Because being in a relationship is not a life achievement.
  26. Creating a special awareness to your relationship will open space for whirring and make you the talk of town since you are not a celebrity.And I know you won’t like that.
  27. Nobody is living your life for you.
  28. Because you don’t want people to start making judgments and opinions about your relationship.
  29. Because love doesn’t exist on social Media

Feel free to add you own reasons why you should not disclose your relationship status or why you should not open your relationship status on social media to the comment section below..

With this reasons why you should not disclose your relationship status or why you should not post your relationship on social media,I hope you’ll take correction to all mistakes you might have done.

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