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Worth of Patrick Mahomes’ Ring to Wife, Brittany Revealed.



Worth of Patrick Mahomes' Ring to Wife, Brittany Revealed.

Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Matthews are in the news this week after getting married. They took advantage of his free time in the NFL offseason and will surely enjoy a nice honeymoon.



For someone as rich as Mahomes, getting married brings up the question of the ring. For Matthews, she got one that is truly awe-inspiring. An article explained that her engagement ring could be worth up to $800,000. That is quite the shocking value, but it makes sense when considering the source.



A ring worth nearly $1 million is not an option for most people getting married. But NFL fans will note that the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback signed a deal that could be worth over $500 million. That means he has some extra cash to spare on the things that matter most.



Worth of Patrick Mahomes' Ring to Wife, Brittany Revealed.



He may be in for another giant contract at some point, too, because his career is only getting started. Quarterbacks are now making $50 million per year, so it’s possible for him to set an even larger standard when it comes time to sign again.



As for Matthews, she was lucky enough to show off this ring at all times. She has gotten negative attention in the recent past for her actions at Chiefs games, but ultimately, the relationship looks to be a strong one given their marriage.



The two form a power couple in the NFL world, and one can only imagine the kind of money spent on their wedding and on the jewelry bought for her by the quarterback at any given moment.



Mahomes is a legitimate superstar and may end up changing the business of the NFL by the time he is done. His current contract is one of the largest in American sports history and the NFL salary cap is only rising with time. When it comes time to renew his vows, anything new he purchases for his wife should be a sight to behold.

He is flashing his cash and has every right to do that. Next up is seeing how many more rings he can win on the football field with the Chiefs as his career continues.

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