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“You knew the Bills were in trouble”: Chiefs’ Win Gets Reaction From Draymond Green



“You knew the Bills were in trouble": Chiefs' Win Gets Reaction From Draymond Green

NBA star Draymond Green does indeed know his share about the NFL and its young superstar QB Patrick Mahomes. He was in deep discussion about NFL Divisional Round games during his Draymond Green Show podcast. Draymond does focus on the exciting encounter between QB Patrick Mahomes and the QB Josh Allen.



He was in awe of what was the craziest round of NFL games that he believes never usually happen frequently. Green was very much talking about the standout fixture which did feature the Bills and the Chiefs. He couldn’t comprehend how Mahomes was able to get the Chiefs into FG territory with only 13 seconds on the clock.



He was indeed quoted saying, “You knew the Bills were in trouble after he did complete his first 15-yard pass.” Draymond does feel the similarity between his own past failures with what the Bills team did endure.





Green does also discuss how great the Chiefs QB and his duel with Bills QB Allen is a game-changer. The NFL did see a rare occurrence where both QBs were consistently going down the field.



They did almost create a problem with the NFL’s overtime rules which thankfully did not come to pass. A game that did raise concerns only did end up furthering Mahomes and his ever-growing reputation.



“You knew the Bills were in trouble": Chiefs' Win Gets Reaction From Draymond Green

He believes the QB and his key players like TE Travis Kelce and WR Tyreek Hill were always going to be a major problem to hold back. He does believe the Chiefs did win only due to their superior offensive firepower. Green did state saying, “We always talk about great offense and great defense. But we always talk about how great offense does ultimately become great defense.”

The Golden State Warriors PF does echo fan sentiment about the need for a change of the league’s OT rules. He does leave it open-ended while stating that adopting College Football rules about OT would need streamlining with TV slot scheduling. It is all about fair competition for every player in the NFL involved.

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