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Who is Zendaya boyfriend Now in 2021,Net Worth, Age & Height

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Zendaya boyfriend now

Zendaya Relationship or dating life and her net worths is one thing every single person would want to know about, so in this article I’ll tell you the name of Zendaya boyfriend now in 2021 and also compile the list of her past boyfriends names.

But before I’ll get started,get some little information about this stunning actress.

Who is Zendaya

Zendaya is an American Actress,producer and Singer,she was born on September 1,1996 in Oakland, California. Her real name is Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman,she kicked off her career process as a modelist when she was a child and also a backup dancer,before she gained fame from Disney channel sitcom Shake It Up by playing the role as Rocky Blue,in 2010 through 2013.

Zendaya Coleman began her career in music by recording songs independently and releasing the singles “Watch Me” and “Swag it out” in 2011, the also had a collaboration with Bella Thorne.

Zendaya Biography and Early Life

Zendaya Coleman was born in Oakland, California, on September 1st,1996. The name of her mother is Claire Stoermer and her father’s name is Kazembe Ajamu Coleman.

Her parents are both teachers,her mother had taught in Fruitvale Elementary School for 20 years.

Zendaya’s father is African-American with the base of Arkansas while her mother has the German and Scottish ancestry.

In addition, she also has five other siblings who are older than her, their names are Julien,Kaylee,Austin,AnnaBella and Katianna

What is the meaning of Zendaya? Her name was derived from the Shona Name ‘Tendai’. So the meaning of Zendaya  is to Give thanks.

When she was just 6 years old,she and her two friends from Fruitvale Elementary School performed a play for the Black History Month. What made her get into Acting and modeling was that most of the most times performed at California Shakespeare Theater where her mother worked for a summer as the house manager.

In conclusion, Zendaya attended Oakland School for the Arts and  in the course of studying, she additionally scored some roles in area theaters.

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Real NameZendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman
Date of BirthSeptember 1st, 1996
How old is Zendaya (Age 2021)She is 25 years old now
Place of BirthShe was born in Oakland, California
OccupationSinger, Actress and Producer
Years Active2009 till date
Net Worth In 2021$15 million
GenresHip Hop and R&B
Height5ft 8 ½ inches (174 cm)
Weight59 kg

Zendaya Net Worth Now in 2021

Zendaya lives an industrious life, in 2018 she was ranked as one of the best dressed women by Net-a-porter, a website for Fashion. She own two houses and many assets,

So how much is Zendaya worth 2021?

According to Cosmopolitan, Zendaya net worth is $15 million USD, she makes such a huge amount of money mainly from her acting, singing and as a producer.

Net Worth$15 million
Occupation/ Source of incomeSinger, Actress and producer
Last Updated2021

What is Zendaya Forbes net worth 2021?

According to Forbes,her worth isn’t specified,but she has an estimated worth of $15 million.

How much does Zendaya make a day

 According to Wrapbook, actresses earn about ​$1,015​ a day if they have lines in theatrical productions and ​$176​ if they’re an extra. In addition,annual salary depends on if they have regular work such as being cast in a long-running production or a TV show.

Zendaya Boyfriend Now in 2021

Zendaya is one Actress,whom anybody would love to date. According to my research, she has dated four men before and their names are Trevor Jackson,Odell Beckham Jr, Tom Holland and Jacob Elordi who was the last person she dated during lockdown in 2020.

So who is Zendaya dating now? 

Currently in 2021,she is not in any relationship, i.e Zendaya is not dating anyone and even if she does, she hasn’t decided to reveal the name of her current boyfriend,but she is currently single now.

This paragraph would be updated once I learnt about her new boyfriend,so you can check back later but still then let’s check the list of Zendaya boyfriends.

Is Zendaya single in 2021?

Yes, according to her,she is currently single and she is not ready to date for now, she’s been in a relationship with famous American Stars like Trevor Jackson and three others.

List of Zendaya boyfriends 2021

And though she has managed to keep her personal life pretty private, she has been linked to a few famous faces over the years

Zendaya Maree Coleman is a very beautiful lady who has been dated by approximately four guys in the previous year,but she also does not disclose much information about her private or Personal Life.

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Over the years, she has dated a few famous people in the Hollywood industry,here is a list of her past boyfriends names and how she broke up with them.

1.Zendaya And Trevor Jackson 2021 Relationship

Zendaya boyfriend 2021 now

Zendaya appeared on Trevor Jackson music video “Like We Grown” which was his first music track in 2013, she played the role of his love Interest. According to the duo, their combination was just a mere platonic friendship and nothing more.

Most times,when she was asked about her relationship with Trevor Jackson,she would deny not having anything to do with him, such an occasion occurred at Trevor’s 18th birthday celebration.

Zendaya later opened up about having a secret boyfriend for four years in an interview with Vogue back in 2017. She never named Trevor, but many speculated that he was the mystery man she was referring to when she shared, “It was my first love.”

Later in 2017 during an interview with Vogue,she mentioned having a secret boyfriend whom she has dated for four years,she said,this man was her first love. Actually she never mentioned Trevor Jackson, but many speculated that he was the mystery man she was referring to.

Did Zendaya and Trevor Jackson date?

She never disclosed anything about her relationship with Trevor, she said she never dated Trevor Jackson,but many people thought he was her first love.

How long did Zendaya and Trevor Jackson dated?

Zendaya was suspected to be talking about Trevor Jackson as her ‘first love’ In a 2017 interview with Vogue, she spoke about breaking up with her ‘first love,’ her boyfriend of four years

2.Zendaya And Odell Beckham Jr Date

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In 2016,during the Grammy Award after-party,the duo were Spotted leaving the venue together. With this it was rumoured that she was dating Odell Beckham he.

When she was asked about this by a TMZ reporter,her dad Cuts in stating that”it’s an audition!” What that means exactly isn’t clear but perhaps the blooming relationship still needed approval from Zendaya’s father.

Did Odell Beckham Jr date Zendaya?

They were rumored to be dating years ago,her father, Kazembe Ajamu Coleman, who’d been at the bash with them, told TMZ their social liaison was ‘an audition.

By June 2016, however, Zendaya herself was telling TMZ that that he native was ‘just my homie,’ noting that they ‘hang out one time, and it became a lot.

3. Zendaya and Tom Holland

In  the Summer of 2017, Zendaya began dating Tom Holland the Spiderman: Homecoming costar. For some time, both Zendaya and Tom denied anything romantic was going on between them.

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Although there were rumours about them, Zendaya shut down the relationship rumors in an interview with Variety when she was questioned about the possibility of a relationship with Tom Holland, she replied, “He’s a great dude and He’s literally one of my best friends.”

Zendaya Tom Holland Height

Zendaya is said to be taller than Tom with about 2 Inches, naturally and 4 Inches when on heels.

But that wasn’t a factor to consider in a relationship.

Are Tom Holland And Zendaya Married?

Both Tom and Zendaya are not married, according to her,he was just her friend and she loves his companion. They have always played coy though, with Tom posting an Instagram where he stated that Zendaya was just a “mate

4. Zendaya And Jacob Elordi 2021 Dating

In August 2019,Zendaya was spotted vacationing in Greece with Jacob Elordi, and romance rumors began immediately. The duo have maintained that they are just friends, but in February 2020, the two were spotted kissing in NYC. However, a few months later, Jacob Elordi was spotted hanging out with Kaia Gerber, prompting rumors that he had broken up with Zendaya.

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How did Zendaya and Jacob Elordi meet?

They both started as close friends but it became romantic after their show ended,” according to information gathered. “They have been inseparable since last summer and have been making time for each other in between projects. Jacob Elordi has met Zendaya’s family and everyone adores him.

Are Zendaya And Jacob Elordi Still Dating

No,both are no longer dating again,Jacob Elordi was spotted hanging out with Kaia Gerber, prompting rumors that he had broken up with Zendaya.


Zendaya began her career working as a fashion model for Macy’s, Mervyns, and Old Navy. She was featured in an iCarly toys ad. She also appeared as a back-up dancer in a Sears commercial featuring Disney star Selena Gomez.

 In 2009, she was a featured performer in the Kidz Bop music video for its cover of the song “Hot n Cold” by Katy Perry, which was released on Kidz Bop 15.

She auditioned in November 2009 for the role of CeCe Jones in the sitcom Shake It Up (titled Dance Dance Chicago at the time), but she was selected as Rocky Blue instead.

For her audition, she performed Michael Jackson’s “Leave Me Alone”.

Read more about Zendaya Career 

Personal Life

Zendaya is a veterinarian and she actually does own a home in Los Angeles. According to her,she loves animals and that’s why she chose to be a veterinarian.

What she loves doing mostly are dancing, singing and designing clothes.


Zendaya attended Oakland School for the Arts and In 2015, while pursuing her acting career, she graduated from Oak Park High School.

CollegeOakland School for Art
High SchoolOak Park High School

Zendaya Measurements: Height, Weight and zodiac sign

Height5ft and 4 Inches
Weight45 kg
Zodiac signVirgo ♍
Body MeasurementsLater…
Eyes colorDark
Hair colorDark


She has been a great actress and producer and she’s been able to acquire huge fame through her hard work and integrity. Hope after reading this article,you now know about Zendaya boyfriend now in 2021 andher Net worth. So tell me your best part in this article and tell me what I’ll need to change in the comments section

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